Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to have long hair to wear hair sticks!  They can be worn in hair that is not even shoulder length in "half up" styles, in place of a barrette!  I have personally put my mother's (what I would consider short) hair up with hair sticks and there are videos of shorter-haired women illustrating the use of hairsticks available online.  (Email me for links).

For the shorter-hair types, as well as for fine or thinner hair, a less-lengthy shaft is needed to "fit" the styles.


Purple Haze

Light Amethyst Swarovski beads and rhinestone roundelles in Crystal with aurora borealis finish on all sit atop these 3-inch shafts, painted in hand mixed, light purple with a rainbow-casting effect added for brilliance.  Slightly subtle on lighter shades, the effect shines every color in the spectrum in bright sunlight.  A dazzling, prismatic sight to behold!