This set was created using Swarovski Crystal AB beads and rhinestone rondelles.  The flower bead caps really set off the design, and the cap covering the top of the shaft was altered by hand to lay flush with the stick (so it won't snag in your hair).  The shafts were painted using hand-mixed pigments in white with tiny gold specks throughout - they sparkle gold when the light strikes them.  Pictures couldn't possibly do justice to the crystals or the  small details that add up to make such an elegant set of hair sticks...

Unicorn Horns

So glistening and smooth, they make me think, "That's what a unicorn's horn would have to look like!"

This set is an alternate "Money" Set design, with a different finish on the shafts.  These were created using Swarovski crystals and rondelles with aurora borealis  finish and gold-plated spacers and caps.  The paint on the shafts were hand mixed in white and glisten & gleam with white brilliance.  The sparkle on these is amazing!

Color Skew

Made using Swarovski crystals and rondelles, this pair of hair sticks is truly a sight to behold.  It is a color change set - meaning that based on your viewing angle, the color shifts from a royal purple to a deep teal!  The Swarovski accents match the colors of the shaft perfectly, creating one of the most impressive sets of hairsticks I have ever seen.  There is only one pair of these hairsticks at this time - the paint used on the shafts of this set has been discontinued...