Hairsticks for the distinctive woman...

*Important to note* - There is no way humanly possible for a photograph to do justice to the crystals nor the paints and special effects that grace these hair sticks...  They have to be seen in person to grasp their true brilliance  - not that they aren't beautiful in the photos, they're just incredible when you hold them in your hands!

I create each hair stick with tender-loving care, utilizing the most durable paints on the market, which I  hand-blend in shimmering, glimmering colors (many with specialty rainbow-casting finishes and marbleized accent effects) - I then clear coat the sticks for added extra protection.  The shafts are decorated with carefully chosen lampwork beads (handmade by glass artists), accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals and perfectly complimentary bead caps and spacers.  Each bead cap and spacer is clear-coated to prevent them from tarnishing or otherwise discoloring.

These hairsticks are extremely unique and unmatched in materials and workmanship.

Ideal for everyday wear, they would also be perfect for any special occasion - prom, weddings...

Each set comes complete in a travel-friendly package for safely storing your hair jewelry.  Care and handling information is attached inside of the lid.  Obviously if they are handled carelessly, causing a cracked crystal or bead, I cannot be held responsible, but if there is EVER any problem due to a defect in creation I will be more than happy to repair or replace them at my discretion.

I am currently only taking custom orders on handmade sets.  Creation time is between 2 to 3 weeks.  Please contact me for pricing and availability.

(713) 582-9511